'If you value your and your horse's safety, this is the best investment you could make.' Justine Harry

Brand Ambassadors


Caroline Mosely

Caroline was one of the original users of Rider Eye and has been so supportive - with lots of great ideas!  (thanks to her we have Orange).  She has show jumped for her country at junior level, currently competes at Intermediate and teaches at the Dick Vet School. You can read far more including her potential riding ending car crash on her website. 


Sophie Seymour

Sophie is pictured here with her horse Roo. Sophie is a professional rider and trainer based in Gloucestershire and specialises in young and problem horses.  Sadly Roo is no longer with us but in his memory Sophie has founded 'Roo's Legacy' where she brings on, for free, a horse whose behaviour has rendered it unrideable - and she is their last chance.  Sophie also team chases and events.

(photo credit to Indy Equine Photography)

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Jemima Gray

Jemima Gray

Jemima has brought on her horse, Sammy, from never having evented before (or jumped much) to BE Intermediate.  Jemima is based at home and is currently competing Sammy, bringing on a youngster purchased unseen from Ireland, alongside a masters at the RAU. When she was a bit younger she did Pony Trials - basically Badminton for ponies - whose training has stood her in great stead. 

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Gem Gilbert

Gem is a 23 year old engineer and her eventing bug began when she started doing some 60cm/70cm events on a loan horse. This led to riding an awesome veteran who built her confidence up after a nasty fall. She went on to buy Conner; her first ever horse and 3 years on they have competed at two British Riding Club National Championships.

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Gem Gilbert